Benefits of Used Commercial Roofing Equipment

Commercial Roofing Equipment IntechWith the continuously increasing high cost of living, the “used” market for commercial roofing equipment and supplies has become more and more popular.  Buying used commercial roofing equipment can save a lot of money.

As a supplier of used commercial roofing equipment, we would like to share with you the advantages of investing in used commercial roofing equipment, particularly for those of you who may still be on the fence.

Tight Budget? Try ‘Used’ Options

In direct contrast to buying new pieces, with used roofing equipment, the biggest attraction is the price tag.

With this strategy, you can save a significant amount, which in turn may allow you to buy more equipment. Used roofing equipment is especially helpful for new or smaller businesses or those with an extremely tight budget.

If you have a specific interest in a particular type of older commercial roofing equipment—or you are seeking to augment some of the roofing equipment you already have—buying used may be your best route to locate these items.

We Are Here to Help

Proper maintenance and commercial roofing equipment care are necessary for roofing, and our ability to identify the difference between a maintained unit and a neglected one is the reason why Intech Equipment and Supply’s used inventory can be a great solution for you.  From kettles, pumps, airless sprayers, felt machines and gravel spreaders to fall protection equipment, power washers and more, it’s a good idea to browse used commercial roofing equipment before deciding on purchasing new.

Serving commercial roofing contractors, spray foam insulation contractors, and the materials suppliers that serve those markets, Intech Equipment and Supply built a network of industry relationships to provide the best in support and manufacturer materials. For spray foam roofing equipment, spray foam insulation, single ply roofing, and commercial roof coatings applications – Intech Equipment and Supply is your one-stop shop.