Buy or Trade Used Spray Foam Machines

Buy or Trade Used Spray Foam Machines For contractors on a limited budget, it can sometimes be a challenge to obtain the equipment necessary to complete jobs quickly (or agree to do them at all). This can present a frustrating quandary: you cannot get the money to get new equipment until you are able to finish as many jobs as possible, and yet realistically you need certain pieces of equipment in order to set up your job site.

One solution is to buy used equipment, which is a more affordable alternative. But you don’t want to take a chance buying this essential equipment from just any random seller. This will after all serve as a pivotal part of your operation and you can’t afford to risk it breaking down at a critical moment.

When buying construction equipment (or virtually anything else) from a private seller, it is unlikely that you will get any sort of warranty or assurance that your equipment will live up to your expectations. The seller also probably won’t be able to offer repair service or replacement parts. In other words, once you complete the purchase, you will be on your own.

By contrast, when you buy used spray foam machine or other equipment from Intech Equipment & Supply, you can count on getting the excellent service we provide for all of our customers. Have some used equipment you no longer need? You can trade up to new equipment that meets your needs. Contact us for more information.