Choosing a Roofing Supplier: What to Consider

As a roofing professional, it is understandable that you want the best pricing possible for all of your business expenses.

However, what happens if something goes wrong after you have nabbed that great deal?

Now you may be facing the prospect of spending enormous sums of money on an equipment problem. In many cases, these repair or replacement costs are so astronomical that the cheaper, upfront price tag turns out to be the more expensive option.

While you can not altogether avoid these situations, you can significantly reduce the chance of them occurring by selecting the right roofing supplier for your tools and equipment. Making a smart decision on your initial investment on roofing equipment will always save you money over time.

Here are some factors to consider on how to pick your company’s roofing supplier:


Select a roofing supplier that is known for dependability and reliability, and that also knows the roofing space inside and out. A company that supports our industry, in turn, will reflect how they help their customers.


Should an issue arise, make sure you are clear as to where you can go for customer service, support, and parts. Not all roofing suppliers have the bandwidth to properly serve their customers from coast to coast. At Intech Equipment & Supply, this kind of quality technical service and support is our specialty.


Understanding the extent of the warranty for your roofing equipment is essential. Most importantly, never gloss over the fine print.

The Bottom Line

Whenever you make a large purchase on roofing equipment, consider the long-term result. Our team has seen firsthand numerous times that frustrated customers selected equipment at other suppliers based solely on price; however, they ended up paying for that quick decision in the long run via repairs and lost jobs related to broken equipment.

Take the above factors into consideration when purchasing quality roofing equipment: they will help your roofing company with productivity goals, and ultimately help grow your business.

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