Commercial Roofing Products 101: Setting Up Shop

commercial roofing productsWhen it comes to the commercial roofing industry, there are some tools and products that should be included in every roof contractor’s toolbox.

The following is a good starter’s list of basic equipment, commercial roofing products and tools, along with the special items often required to perform certain tasks:

General Commercial Roofing Equipment Must-Haves

  • 30’ to 40’ Ladder (30’ to 40’) – Used to access the roof. Be sure to choose the most stable, heavy-duty model you can find. Safety should be a top priority.
  • Hard hats – Head protection typically needed when working on newer construction. Ensure the hard hat is OSHA approved.
  • Soft-soled, steel-toed shoes – Should be worn to provide maximum traction on the commercial roof, protect feet and prevent damage to a newly installed roofing system.
  • Caulking guns – Required to dispense caulk from tubes. A high-quality caulking gun can speed up your progress.
  • Electric or cordless drill; assorted drill bits and drivers – Often used to drill holes in concrete, metal, etc., for securing blockings. May also be used to install screws and fasteners as needed.
  • Wheelbarrow – Commonly used in removing aggregate, debris, roofing materials across a roof.
  • General toolkit – Should include hammers, mallets, hacksaw, screwdrivers, chisels, punches and a variety of wrenches.
  • Roof hoist – This one is extremely helpful in raising and lowering equipment and supplies from the roof deck.
  • High-pressure washer – This can be used to disperse water at very high pressure; often used for water-blasting embedded dirt and poorly-adhered material from the roof surface.
  • Backpack blower – A lightweight, motorized air blower that can be strapped to a worker’s back, freeing the hands to use the hose to blow loose debris from the roof surface.
  • Air compressor – Usually powered by a gasoline/diesel engine capable of producing a minimum air pressure of 100 psi with a minimum volume of 100 cfm. A high air pressure can be used to blast loose material and debris from the roof surface, as well.

Finally, when determining the soundness and dryness of a roof surface and underlying insulation, a device like a Delmhorst moisture meter can be indispensable. These meters measure the moisture content of roofing materials.

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