Don’t Take Shortcuts with Roofing Safety

For most businesses, deadlines are a major priority, so there is an emphasis on speed and moving jobs along quickly. We understand the urge to work quickly and get tasks completed as fast as possible. That’s why we are such big fans of tools and machinery that can help you work more efficiently and save time. Those items can often pay for themselves in the form of increased productivity and reduced manhours.

However, there is one aspect of time-slashing that we strongly oppose. That’s when people unwisely decide to try and cut corners or take shortcuts that compromise safety. We’re all for saving time and cutting costs, but no amount of time or money is worthy putting the safety of workers (or anyone in the vicinity of the jobsite) at risk. Even just one minor oversight or careless mistake can have devastating consequences. These are the sort of serious repercussions that can have a long-lasting impact.

The good news is, safety doesn’t have to be a hassle—and doesn’t need to involve a lot of expense, either. A few basic supplies and pieces of equipment can help establish a safe work environment that can prevent many injuries and mishaps.

We offer a wide range of safety products and personal protection equipment. This includes many affordable, budget-friendly options. You will also find many safety items that put an emphasis on convenience and ease of use.

There are some specific concerns and risks that need to be considered for jobs involving work on a roof. One major risk in this situation is falls. Even from a relatively low height, a fall can result in serious injury. It’s also important to make sure that all tools and equipment are secure, to avoid causing injury to anyone who may be below that area.

Roofing safety involves adhering to a few basic yet critical safety practices, and investing in some valuable equipment to avoid falls and injuries. We have a large assortment of roofing safety items, such as harnesses, hoists and other personal protection supplies.

Check out all of the roofing safety and personal protection options we have available at Intech Equipment & Supply.