Earth-Friendly Roof Materials Increasingly Popular

As with many other aspects of construction and home remodeling, the hot trend in roof materials right now is on using earth-friendly products and materials.

For example, roofing supplies made from recycled products are becoming increasingly popular among people interested in reducing waste and re-using existing materials.

Then there is the idea of reducing our carbon footprint. For customers and contractors alike, energy-efficient materials are more attractive than ever. Customers of course like the idea of saving energy—and as a result, cutting down on utility costs while at the same time keeping their homes or buildings comfortable. And contractors like having the option of being able to offer these popular materials to their clients, while also doing their part to contribute to helping their community go “green.”

Whatever materials you use for your roofing projects, you need the right equipment and supplies to do the job right. At Intech, we can provide you with everything you need for all of your roofing and construction jobs.