Overview of Commercial Roofing Products

Most contractors today are aware that Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation roofs can be installed promptly, and can offer less downtime during installation than traditional roofing systems.

But did you know that commercial roofing also requires specific product knowledge and specific materials?

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we pride ourselves on providing commercial roofing products and excellent customer service to roofing professionals throughout the purchase process and beyond.

Here is a list of some of our most popular SPF commercial roofing equipment offerings:

·         Graco Reactor 2 E30. Each feature in this reactor is designed strategically to help your commercial roofing business. The reactor features innovations that help operations run efficiently and smoothly and also includes software and hardware enhancements for better spray performance.

·         PMC PH40 Proportioner. This spray foam proportioner is designed to be both economical and applicator-friendly, offering professional roofing contractors even more value and basic contractor rugged design. Note: PMC recently re-designed this proportioner’s electrical console to eliminate the use of delicate circuit boards and displays.

·         Graco Reactor E-20 Package. This model is equipped with material data and system diagnostics and provides total control for spraying foam insulation. Advanced features offer longer equipment life, more uptime for roofing jobs, as well as the overall Graco reliability and durability customers have grown to expect.

·         Roofing Supplies and Equipment by Cleasby. Cleasby offers a full line-up of professionally manufactured commercial roofing products, equipment, and supplies, such as kettles, ladders, hand-tools, and much more. Cleasby also provides expert equipment and service for commercial roofing contractors for applications including cold process roofing, built up, and single ply.

·         Roofmaster Supplies. Roofmaster is dedicated to the commercial, residential, and technical product aspects of the roofing industry, and is the world’s largest manufacturer of quality commercial roofing equipment, roofing tools, accessories, and related supplies. Inspired by practical experience and feedback, Roofmaster’s tools and equipment stand the test of time on even the toughest work sites.

·         RGC Roofing Hoist Equipment. Reimann and Georger Hoisting Equipment Company (RGC) provides a cutting-edge Platform Hoist system, known as Laddervators, which offer a safe, and OSHA approved way to get your materials and equipment on the roof.

Spray Foam Commercial Roofing Products

When picking commercial roofing products, it is important to research for value and to ensure quality and long-term performance.
Intech Equipment & Supply can supply all of your commercial roofing product needs. Browse through our selection of roofing materials and equipment in our online store today.