Roofing Equipment Helps to Apply Cool Roof Materials

Roofing Equipment Helps to Apply Cool Roof MaterialsWhen applying materials to reinforce or weatherproof a roof, pick carefully with regards to color, as they aren’t all the same—at least, not if keeping utility bills as low as possible is important to you. If you want to save some green (while also going green), you should deck out your roof in white. And for contractors who want to help their customers protect their property while saving energy, white or very light-colored materials can help you offer them a terrific solution.

Why white roof materials rule

The preference for light-colored roofing materials isn’t just superficial or trendy. This isn’t a matter of style or choosing a shade that matches your design palette. Roof material colors have a very practical purpose, one that can have a major financial impact on the property owner.

White roof coatings reflect sunlight away from the roof surface. This reduces energy consumption and extends roof life. In addition, it can also make the living space inside the structure much more comfortable.

A typical dark roof, by contrast, absorbs heat. This significantly increases the temperature of both the surface and interior of the structure as well as the air surrounding it. For those with air conditioning systems, this requires those systems to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment, which in turn results in greater energy consumption. For buildings without adequate air conditioning (or no air conditioning at all), the conditions inside the building can become stifling and uncomfortable, and in some cases may even be dangerous or impossible to endure.

It is very similar to the phenomenon of wearing lighter colors in summer to keep your body temperature lower and help you stay cool and comfortable.

How to keep properties cool

It is almost too good to be true, the idea that something as easy as choosing the right shade of roofing material can make such a major difference in energy consumption. But that’s the beauty of it—this is a very painless and simple way to make a property considerably more energy efficient.

By choosing the right materials for a roofing surface, you create what is appropriately referred to as a “cool roof,” which is one that is designed to reflect more light and heat than it absorbs.

One of the most effective ways to create a cool roof is by using  roof coatings to enhance or reinforce the roof’s surface.  Roof coatings are  a very reliable and efficient way to accomplish this goal, as the materials are reflective and keep much of the heat and light from being absorbed into the structure. As a bonus, these materials also form a solid and durable membrane that serves as a strong envelope protecting the property from leaks and damage caused by wind or water.

In addition to the utility savings and increased comfort, taking steps to make a roof cooler can also prevent wear and damage to the roof and extend the lifespan of the roof by several years.

The Department of Energy has a cool roof savings calculator tool, which can help you get a rough estimate of the potential savings in heating and cooling costs by establishing a cool roof on a particular property.

A cool roof can be included as part of the plans for construction of a new building, but is also frequently performed as an upgrade or repair to an existing structure. Either way, this will of course require the right roofing materials and specific types of roofing equipment.

In order to create a cool roof—or any type of durable and energy-efficient roofing surface—you will need the right materials and an assortment of reliable equipment. It’s important to choose roofing equipment and spray foam supplies from trusted companies, so you can trust them to perform at the level you need.

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