Roofing Equipment & Supplies Provider, Intech Equipment & Supply, Features Article in Leading Industry Publication “CoatingsPro”

Company’s Jerry Pollard Publishes “Hustle and Flow: A Preventive Equipment Maintenance Strategy”

Roofing equipment and supplies provider, Intech Equipment & Supply, recently published an article titled “Hustle and Flow:  A Preventive Equipment Maintenance Strategy” in well-known industry magazine CoatingsPro.  Authored by Jerry Pollard, the company’s plural component equipment specialist, the article initially appeared in the publication’s September 2013 issue.

CoatingsPro is the trade publication for the coatings industry.  It highlights up-to-date information on products, services, tips and techniques.  Each issue covers the latest industry trends, technological breakthroughs, and new products and solutions.  In addition, CoatingsPro offers numerous resources, such as case studies, training information and useful links.

Pollard’s CoatingsPro article deals with flow, the steady and continuous current or stream used in a variety of industry applications.  Specifically, the coatings industry uses the flow of electrons to power equipment, air flow to drive transfer pumps and purge spray guns, and fluid flow to supply chemicals to metering pumps and pressure spray guns.

For coatings, the objective is to control flow so users can deliver materials to substrates at correct pressure, temperature, mix ratio, spray pattern and flow rate.  Any restriction, such as clogged filters, loose wires, air leaks, seal leaks, etc., will disrupt the flow of materials. A proper and functioning spray system uses proper sizing, location, plumbing, installation and more to compensate for flow resistance.  If resistances are not properly accommodated when building a spray system, the product will be adversely affected.

The article discusses how users can protect a spray system from restrictions and leakage. In particular, Pollard delves into the differences and requirements for in-plant plural component spray processes versus mobile plural component spray applications.  Unlike in-plant processes, mobile processes must compensate for many variables, including temperature variances, windblown contaminants and excessive vibration.  These issues can impact material flow.

Regardless of the spray system used, Pollard recommends users implement preventive rather than reactive maintenance practices. These techniques include performing routine cleaning and inspection, following manufacturer specifications, maintaining clean fluids and filters, and continuous personnel training.

“Preventive maintenance is the most critical element in promoting proper flow and protecting equipment,” said Jerry Pollard, plural component equipment specialist for Intech Equipment & Supply.  “Developing a sound maintenance program will reduce repairs, minimize downtime, decrease overtime, increase equipment life, enhance equipment availability, promote better quality coatings, boost competitive position, lower product delivery costs and cut overall maintenance costs.

“The strategic impact of preventive maintenance is tremendous,” continued Pollard.  “We’re happy the editors at CoatingsProselected us to discuss this all-important topic.”

For details on developing a proper preventive maintenance program, read the full article at CoatingsPro magazine.  For more information on Intech Equipment & Supply, call us at 866-652-9975 or contact us online.

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