Spray Foam a Popular Choice for Commercial Roofing

As this article notes, commercial buildings present specific challenges with regards to roofing, due to the large area of space involved and the tendency towards a flat design.

Spray foam is a great choice for commercial roofing because it offers several advantages and benefits when used on commercial buildings. For one thing, application usually goes quickly—which can be very helpful in the case of large jobs. Spray foam’s high insulation values help cut down on utility costs, which is a big perk for businesses seeking to cut costs and meet their budget. Plus, its waterproofing and weatherproofing properties help protect the building from water damage and other issues caused by the elements, which can help protect the building itself as well as its contents.

In addition, many companies are striving to increase their earth-friendly initiatives—and choosing a spray foam roof is a great way for a business to “go green.”

Thanks to the increased popularity of spray foam roofing, commercial roofing companies are seeing a boost in their business for these types of jobs. Fortunately, Intech Equipment & Supply can ensure they have the equipment they need to serve these customers efficiently.