Spray Foam Can Improve an Existing Roof

If a property owner wants to improve or strengthen their roof, but are reluctant to undertake the expense and hassle involved in a total roof replacement, spray foam roofing and coating can offer a good alternative. This is especially helpful in the case of a roof that is essentially in adequate shape—with no major damage or other problems—but isn’t quite ideal.

Spray foam is a popular roofing choice due in large part to its strength and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. As a bonus, adding spray foam to an existing roof can improve its energy efficiency, reducing utility costs and making the home or building more comfortable all year round.

In some cases, spray foam can help eliminate the need for a total roof removal or replacement (although this depends on the condition of the existing roof). The spray foam—and a protective coating—is applied to the existing roofing structure, and can greatly improve the roof’s strength while also providing excellent waterproofing and leak-protection benefits.

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