Trends in SPF Roofing Equipment

SPF roofing equipmentCompared to other parts of a building, roofs take their fair share of abuse. In fact, if you do not use a secure application to build your roof, the result can be catastrophic.

As you may be aware, Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation is a viable alternative to many roofing applications. SPF roofing applications have improved over the last several decades and proven their durability and longevity.

When it comes to trends in SPF roofing equipment, we thought we would share some of the advantages of using it in roofing applications below:

  • Moisture barrier. Closed-cell foam works as a moisture barrier, preventing water from soaking into the pores, a vital feature of any roof. The high R-Value that this type of foam retains minimizes the space between its compounds, In a nutshell, it is a continuously-connected surface that protects a roof against infiltration and potential water damage.
  • High R-Value. SPF insulation has the highest R-Value of any insulation, a benefit in itself. Note: most other roofing applications do not serve as an insulator.
  • Reinforcement. SPF, commercial or residential, increasing structural strength by as much as 300 percent.
  • Longevity. SPF roofs often outlive many roof application methods. In fact, spray foam has been tested in high hurricane winds in many areas and has proven to withstand the damage.

Learn More About Trends in SPF Roofing Equipment

Residential and commercial roofing jobs may require some of the same basic equipment as other general SPF projects, but they often also involve additional materials and supplies. This can be in the form of a broad, comprehensive category of materials that run the gamut from hoists to hand tools.

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