Use Existing Roofing Materials as Basis for Spray Foam

Roofing Materials

Image courtesy of DAS Products, Inc.

One of the things that property owners dread most about fixing their roof is the hassle they fear the project will involve. They envision a lot of time, expense and inconvenience will be inevitable. This may even be a prospect that is scary enough to cause them to delay doing anything with their roof, which may lead to more damage, leaks or other headaches.

In reality, the solution may be much more affordable and less stressful than they expect, especially if they use careful planning and choose the right approach.

First, it’s important to assess the entire roofing structure and any issues it may have. In many cases, the roof simply needs repairing or strengthening. Too many homeowners jump too quickly to the assumption that a leaky roof needs to be totally removed and replaced. To the contrary, it is often possible just to add a strong extra layer to the roof—using the right materials.

Spray foam roofing and coatings are perfect for this situation. In many cases, they can be applied over the existing roofing materials, eliminating the time and expenses involved in ripping off the current roof. This shaves considerable time off the project and helps keeps mess and inconvenience to a minimum. As a bonus, it also eliminates waste that needs to be discarded (likely ending up in a landfill).

One of the best things about spray foam as a roofing material is that it creates a solid, strong membrane that envelopes the entire roof surface. This results in a strong, durable and watertight roof that protects the structure and helps make it much more energy efficient.

Obviously, every situation is different and it is not always possible to avoid removing existing materials, especially if they are very old or severely damaged. But in many cases this is a perfectly feasible option, although the existing surface may need to be cleaned and prepped.

An ongoing advantage of a spray foam roof is the savings in utility bills that the property owner is likely to see after the roof is completed. That can often help the roof upgrade pay for itself over a period of time.

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