Waterproof Membrane Essential to Protect Property

commercial roofingWhile the entire exterior of a property plays an important role in keeping wind and water from damaging the structure, the roof is particularly critical, since that’s among the easiest points of entry to the home or building. It’s also often the most vulnerable, since the roof tends to be susceptible to leaks and damage.

And it’s probably accurate to say that the roof’s strength and durability (and weatherproofing qualities) are only as good as its membrane—the “skin” that envelopes the building and serves as the initial layer of protection against the elements.

Contractor and TV personality Mike Holmes recently spoke about the importance of a waterproof membrane as part of a roof’s structure. As he pointed out, trying to skimp on a low-quality or inadequate membrane can lead to big problems and costly repairs.

As many in the commercial roofing industry already know, spray foam roofing and coating helps establish a very strong waterproof membrane that can provide excellent protection for a home or business.

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