What to Consider Before Selecting a Commercial Roofing System

foam insulation gunsIt is no secret that gearing up to purchase any commercial roofing system or commercial roofing product requires plenty of careful research.

But before you start adding products to your supplier’s online shopping cart, it is vital to understand why spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation is a good option for your commercial customers.

As a roofing material, SPF insulation is difficult to beat if you are using a high-quality coating and properly applying the product. In fact, over the last several years, SPF insulation has proven to be one of the hardest-working commercial roofing systems available on the market.

Among its many advantages, the product creates a continuous and seamless membrane, with every square inch fully adhered to a roof. What does this mean for contractors? If you accidentally puncture the coating layer, it will not create a leak because water cannot travel through the foam. Also, SPF roofs are commonly referred to as a “renewable” roof system because, if the roof goes for too long without attention, bad areas can be cut out and re-foamed and settled areas can be filled in with additional foam.

If you are trying to convince your customers why an SPF roofing system is ideal, here are some key benefits you can share with them about the power of SPF insulation:

  • Cutting edge. While asphalt and metal roofing are the oldest types of commercial roofing available, contractors have been using SPF for commercial roofing since the early 1960s. Experts are constantly improving upon the material thanks to advances in technology and science.
  • Safe and simple. SPF is a safe, eco-friendly commercial roofing product that you spray over a roof. It then expands into a foam that turns into a solid, durable layer across an existing roof. It also offers air infiltration control and a tight air seal that protects buildings from various natural elements.
  • Durable. You can install spray foam in a number of thicknesses giving your commercial roof projects the optimal slope for drainage, as well as the ability to meet the thermal resistance standards that each building requires.
  • Energy efficient. SPF roof coatings are seamless, green, and offer cool roof protection, all factors that can save a facility on energy costs.

While some people assume foam roofing is expensive, a foam roof actually costs about the same as a typical single-ply roof.

In fact, if you look at a five or 10-year window, a foam roof may or may not be more expensive than traditional roofing material. But when you consider costs over a span of decades in your overall evaluation, the foam roof becomes much more cost effective than alternative options. Your customers will not have to replace their commercial SPF roof in 20 years. Instead, they can maintain it by periodically adding re-coats to protect it from prolonged UV exposure.

Do Your Homework Before Selecting a Commercial Roofing System

Here are some considerations from Intech Equipment & Supply’s team of experts for buying commercial roofing supplies: 

  • Make a list, and check it twice. Draft a list of the essential roofing supplies that you expect to use on a day-to-day basis. We suggest that you refer to this list periodically; it can help to have pre-established re-order details, so you never run out of the roofing tools and supplies you need most.   
  • Never take a last-minute approach. We urge our customers to make their commercial roofing supplies purchases in bulk and ahead of time. By taking a strategic approach, you can stock up on the things you need most, and minimize any last minute, expensive trips to a local store for materials.
  • Do your homework. At Intech Equipment & Supply, we believe in supplying our customers with the highest quality products. We also believe that safety and productivity go hand-in-hand and are dependent upon using high-quality products and equipment to get any job done. Use caution when shopping for commercial roofing systems or products online. Quality brands will always provide valuable FAQs, detailed customer reviews, and offer the opportunity to ask questions.

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