Why Go With a Spray Foam Roof?

spray foam roofSpray foam has many benefits for homeowners, but are you aware of the numerous advantages for builders and roofers?

First, spray foam can help lower construction costs, as well as meet or exceed constantly evolving (and stringent) building code requirements. Read on for more benefits: 

Reduced Construction Costs

  • Acting as both insulation and an air barrier that seals a building’s envelope, spray foam practically eliminates the need for additional air sealant materials. Furthermore, some jurisdictions require air tightness tests to prove compliance. A spray foam building assembly can be tested before the drywall is applied. This can save time and work to prevent expensive repairs if defects are found.
  • Spray foam fits into difficult to reach places and can be applied directly onto existing roof coverings. This reduces the need for costly and time consuming tear-off and replacement.
  • Using spray foam as insulation or for your roof may qualify you for tax credits and incentives. 

Meet – or Exceed – Building Code Requirements

  • States and localities continue to adopt codes that mandate increased energy efficiency. Spray foam roofs and insulation can help you meet or exceed stringent building and energy codes.
  • Builders participating in programs, such as Energy Star, LEED and NAHB Green Building Certification, may qualify for streamlined inspections and smaller fees. Spray foam can help you meet the energy efficiency requirements of each of these programs, reducing the need for a local code official inspection of energy elements.

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