A Real-World Example of Our Commitment to You

spray foam rigsAt Intech Equipment and Supply, we continuously maintain that our team is made up of leading experts in the field. In fact, we feel they are the most knowledgeable and helpful people anywhere in the industry.

We also tell our customers that we’re a reliable company. We’ll be here to take care of customers long into the future. Not only do we have the resources to maintain a huge inventory of parts, including spray foam rigs, but we consistently back our promise of quality in all of our work.

So, how can we further convince you that these things are all true? Here’s one example – a recent success story – of how have we helped save our customers’ time and money, according to Keith Coultrap of Intech Equipment and Supply:

“We recently had a customer who was providing SPF insulation and restoration work to several turkey and poultry farms in California. Unfortunately, this customer’s equipment had been idle for nearly seven months. After much frustration in getting his equipment up and running, he reached out to us via phone – in a different time zone – for support. Once we spoke with him and provided some technical advice, his equipment started right back up and pretty much everything was resolved. This poor customer was in complete panic mode before we connected – yet, we took him from ‘dead on the water’ to spraying foam and restoring those farms in just a matter of minutes. The suggested solution was easy for our tech, but an impossible challenge for a relatively new SPF contractor. Our judgement and expertise cost our customer nothing to get back up and running versus a $1000 service call out of San Bernardino.”

To learn about the importance of a nationwide footprint and accessibility from your spray foam provider, check out our recent eBook: “The Importance of Accessibility from Your Spray Foam Equipment Provider.” The eBook also points out why SPF professionals should make it a point to better understand the impact and far reach a nationwide sprayfoam equipment provider can have on their business throughout the purchase process and beyond.