Affordable Net Zero Homes are In Demand

Net-zero is currently a hot buzzword in both the residential and commercial building sectors. A net-zero home or building is one that generates as much energy as it consumes. It’s not surprising that this is such an interesting and appealing idea to property owners who want to embrace green building methods while also reducing the costs to maintain their properties.

However, one challenge (at least, up until this point) is that net-zero buildings were generally viewed to be more expensive to build. Some of the materials and techniques involved in the building process were assumed to be more costly than other, traditional alternatives.

Some builders and designers are making strides to help lower those upfront expenses, though. Companies such as Amaris Custom Homes in Minnesota are making it a priority to create mass market net-zero homes that have an affordable price point. The firm recently built a home that was the first in the state to come with a “no energy bills” guarantee.

The company’s building checklist includes energy efficient measures including heat-conducting porcelain, solar panels on the roof, and spray foam insulation.

Spray foam equipment plays an important role in creating energy efficient homes such as these. Intech Equipment & Supply can provide all of the spray foam equipment a building contractor needs.