All’s Quiet: Enjoy the Sound of Silence

SPF equipment Do you have customers who claim they are desperate for some peace and quiet? Or, what about those who want a good night’s sleep, without constantly being awakened by noises coming from outside?

For many, the answer may be surprising: Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation.

Thanks to SPF’s amazing insulation properties and its ability to fill tiny cracks and crevices that can let in air and the sound it carries, SPF is considered by many as an ideal material to use for soundproofing homes and buildings today.

Noises, Noises Everywhere

As we all know, distracting noises can come from such as neighbors, street traffic, nearby businesses and even construction projects. And in some situations, the noise may be coming from another part of the home or building. Noise is often the case if someone in the home regularly uses noisy tools or mechanical equipment or plays a loud instrument.

Regardless of the noise source, the most important thing for those around it is the fact that it can disturb their ability to rest or even focus on important tasks.

The Sound of Silence

At Intech, we’ve had countless customers share stories of the blissfully peaceful environment they are now experiencing thanks to having SPF insulation installed for soundproofing.

Of course, SPF also offers numerous other valuable benefits, like savings on utility bills and the increased comfort in the living area as a result of reducing drafts and leaks.

SPF contractors who want to help customers achieve some much-needed peace and quiet can use spray foam to insulate a property and create an effective sound barrier.

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