Bullard ICE Pump Offers Ultimate Worker Protection

Bullard ICE PumpsFor any business employee safety is a top priority. Equipment and tools that can help support that goal is generally viewed as well worth the investment. This type of protective equipment can help you avoid any risk to workers’ safety, and also prevent the increased costs or low productivity caused by inefficient working conditions.

Bullard—a leading longtime manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems, which has been producing items such as hard hats and rescue helmets since 1898—recently introduced a revolutionary new system designed to promote safety for employees dealing with sprayed materials.

The Bullard ICE Pump ensures your workers are safe and comfortable while they are performing spray foam installation, applying paint or working with any other type of sprayed material. This protective system can be extremely useful for industrial jobs, commercial applications or residential construction and insulation projects.

ICE (individual cooling equipment) is a critical tool to help establish safe working conditions. It safely provides clean, breathable air to workers wearing Type C or CE Continuous Flow Supplied Air Respirator hoods or masks.

The Bullard ICE Pump is a unique system that provides total compliance with industry safety standards and regulations. It provides cool Grade D breathable air (as detailed in the relevant section of ANSI/Compressed Gas Association Commodity Specification for Air). There is no CO monitor that requires collaboration,  it is  NIOSH-approved .While safety is of course the main priority when using protective equipment, it is also obvious that employees work more efficiently and are more productive (not to mention happier) when they are comfortable. To that end, the ICE Pump system is also designed with maximum user comfort in mind. This system reduces heat stress in workers and provides more than 15°F of ambient air cooling to users (when used in conjunction with Bullard’s Frigitron2000). It is also easy to transport and very portable, thanks to its standard wheel kit and roll cage.

Delays are risky when it comes to safety, and fortunately you can put the ICE Pump system into use quickly, so your workers can be protected immediately. There is no setup or calibration required, which increases productivity, lessens downtime and reduces worker fatigue. Since we know time is of the essence, we strive to process your orders quickly and get your items delivered as promptly as possible.

We know you don’t want to take chances when it comes to employee safety. Given that Bullard has a great reputation earned after such a long history of delivering quality products, you can trust them to protect your workers.

The ICE Pump system is just one example of the many high-quality employee safety equipment items we can offer you from Bullard and other trusted brands. For example, we have Bullard full-face respirator lens covers, calibration kits and hard hat or helmet safety adapters. We also have a wide variety of items for safety and personal protection such as respirators, lanyards, coveralls, face protection, hearing protection, and replaceable cartridges from manufacturers including Air Systems International, Honeywell Safety Products and Allegro Industries.

Beyond the scope of protective equipment and supplies, we also offer pretty much anything you would need to outfit your job site or complete spray foam insulation or roofing jobs for your commercial or residential customers. Our inventory of items that are easily available through our online store include everything from spray guns and reactors to roofing materials and power tools. One the larger end of the spectrum, we can even custom-design a mobile spray rig tailor made just for your business needs.

Our customer service staff members have extensive expertise in this area, and are familiar with all of the features and options available for our popular products. They would be happy to advise you as to the best selections that would meet your particular needs and goals. Our nationwide network of distribution centers allows us to get the items you need to your location quickly.

We realize that costs are also an important (and unavoidable) consideration for most businesses, so we will make sure to provide you with the best possible deal of any of the items you need. We also offer replacement parts and service/repairs so you can feel confident that any issues will be rectified right away.

To learn more about the Bullard ICE Pump, protective equipment or any other type of spray foam equipment you may need, contact Intech Equipment & Supply. We will help you get everything you need to keep your employees safe and keep your jobs running efficiently.