Busting Common Myths About Used Spray Foam Equipment

Facts about used spray foam equipment Spray foam equipment is an essential part of business operations for many roofing and spray foam insulation contractors. These items can also be pricey, which can be a challenge for a new or small business or those that are eager to keep costs down.

Buying used spray foam equipment is a great solution, but contractors may be hesitant to go that route because they have some misconceptions about buying pre-owned equipment. So we wanted to quickly dispel a few myths about used spray foam equipment.

First, don’t assume that this equipment is ready for the scrap heap. Obviously, the equipment was likely used on a job site for some period of time, but just because it may have lost a little bit of showroom shine doesn’t mean it’s any less useful. Most likely, it will still suit your purposes just fine.

You also shouldn’t assume that you can only get low-end equipment when buying used. The selection usually runs the gamut, so you can find a wide range of brands and models.

In addition, just because these items aren’t new doesn’t mean they don’t still have many years of life left in them. You can often find used equipment that will last for quite a long time.

We suspect you would probably be pleasantly surprised to find out exactly what types of equipment you can buy used—and how much money you can save. Contact Intech Equipment & Supply to learn about our selection of used spray foam equipment.