Commercial Applications for Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

spray foam sellingAt Intech Equipment & Supply, we offer the best in spray foam insulation equipment because we believe that Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation is the future of the insulation world, especially in the commercial building space.

SPF insulation is one of the leading insulation materials that meets, and commonly surpasses, today’s strict building code requirements, including air barrier and R-value, or insulation. The benefits of using SPF insulation exist for commercial building efficiency, monetary savings, health, a greener environment, and much more.

Commercial Buildings and SPF Usage

Commercial buildings have unique needs that differ from residential structures. For example, heavy usage by customers and clients, high turnover of occupants, and excessive utility costs can affect a commercial building’s viability. For these reasons and others, attention has been shifting to strategies for enhancing air sealing both in existing buildings and new construction.

While spray foam insulation provides numerous advantages to all styles of buildings, there are some specific commercial structures where SPF delivers tremendous value, including schools, healthcare facilities, offices, and hotels.

Many builders, architects, and contractors are opting to utilize SPF in commercial buildings today because when properly installed, it improves building durability, structural strength, and resistance to moisture.

Why Choose SPF Over Traditional Insulation Materials?

When designing a commercial building, architects must meet building code requirements and satisfy both the budget and needs of the developer. Furthermore, the structure must be developed to comply with building energy codes and green building standards. As a result, often the entire design of the building, including HVAC systems, building envelope design, and lighting, is impacted.

Additionally, much commercial building development involves design elements that are “non-typical.” Designers are commonly asked to create unique features and specific design elements for many commercial buildings. Because SPF insulation serves a variety of purposes, it is an ideal material for insulating, creating an air control layer, and serving as a support material in various design situations.

Contractors increasingly gravitate toward SPF because it is applied as a layer of insulation in a single operation. It also does not require large teams for installation. This process translates to quicker, easier application and financial savings in the majority of commercial construction environments.

SPF instantly bonds to surfaces and quickly expands into hard-to-reach places, filling gaps. Spray foam contractors do not have to spend time revisiting an installation area to ensure that all joints, seams, and other areas are properly caulked and sealed.

Commercial Applications for SPF: Financial Benefits Abound

Another financial advantage of using spray foam in commercial buildings is that the single application process provides the air control layer and the insulation layer. What does this mean to SPF contractors?

It means that fewer team members are required to be on the job site. With fewer workers to manage during the process, projects can be completed quickly, with the overall quality top of mind.

Consequently, because contractors are financially responsible for completing projects both on time and on-budget, selecting SPF offers a solution that can help them meet deadlines.

Commercial Roofing Benefits

SPF is renown as a superior material for commercial roofing projects, too. For example, in new construction, SPF insulation is perfect for flat commercial roofs as it is durable, lightweight, and requires less maintenance over time when compared to traditional roofing systems.

Once applied, SPF insulation helps weatherproof roofs, typically with a 30-year expected service life. SPF also increases the structural strength of a commercial building by providing wind uplift resistance, especially vital in hurricane-prone areas.

In older commercial buildings, SPF insulation can be used as a re-roofing material, applied directly to a building’s existing roof structure. It offers two key advantages through waterproofing and increased insulation value.

Finally, SPF application to a commercial building’s existing roof structure is fast and easy. First, the expanding foam is applied directly to a building’s existing material to the proper thickness. Next, contractors place a protective layer of gravel (or elastomeric coating) over the insulation. This mixture of SPF insulation and a protective layer results in a weather-resistant, long-lasting, robust surface.

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