Eliminate Downtime and Delays with Graco Fusion Guns

Eliminate Downtime and Delays with Graco Fusion GunsFor any type of business, downtime can be deadly—at least, to your bottom line. Any moment that your crew spends waiting around on the job unable to work is negatively impacting your profit margin. You can’t afford the overhead costs of maintaining a jobsite and paying employees if no work is getting accomplished.

This is why it is critical to select equipment and supplies carefully, with a focus on items that require little maintenance and will help you reduce or eliminate downtime. Supplies like these can quickly pay for themselves by boosting your productivity and in turn increasing your profits.

For those whose business involves spray foam or polyurea applications, one valuable tool in decreasing downtime is the Grace Fusion line of spray guns. These guns are designed for high output polyurethane foam and polyurea applications, so they can handle even the most challenging jobs.

More importantly, they are known for their ability to maintain operation for long periods. Thanks to features such as long-lasting side seals, these guns need less maintenance and routine cleaning/service, which translates to more productivity and fewer interruptions to the workflow.

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