Enjoy Big Savings with Our PMC Deals

If you want to improve or expand your ability to perform spray foam jobs and complete them quickly, we have big news. We are currently running an end-of-year special on PMC equipment that you won’t want to miss! From now until December 31, you can take advantage of an amazing deal that offers you the chance to enjoy incredible savings.

This is a terrific opportunity for contractors and other businesses that want to try and take care of all of their important purchasing needs before year’s end, or those that want to ensure their job sites are fully equipped—and perhaps even ready for expansion—for the new year.

This deal specifically involves PMC’s PH series of hydraulic proportioners. These machines are loaded with the latest and best features, including:

  • Pressure balance control
  • Proximity reversing system
  • Countdown counter
  • Point-to-Point wiring
  • Opposed piston metering pumps
  • Digital automatic temperature control

When you purchase a PH-40 or PHX-40 model during this sale period, you will get $13,800 in savings! That can allow you to free up plenty of room in your budget to afford many other valuable items that can be very useful to your operations.

Contact your sales rep at Intech Equipment & Supply today to get more information about this amazing deal.