Feeling Adventurous? Expand Your SPF Business

SPF businessMore and more people are realizing that Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation provides the highest R-value and air sealing capabilities, and is often used to insulate and protect a wide range of residential, industrial and commercial buildings.

However, what some people may not realize is, that today, smart contractors are exploring other uses for SPF.

Whether you are thinking outside the box, or simply extending your current applications,

Maybe it’s time to consider pleasing your clientele with additional offerings. By doing so, there’s potentially increased revenue waiting for you right around the corner.

First and foremost, energy savings can be one of the most sought-after benefits of using spray foam insulation, yet its efficiency and diversity can lend itself to other uses.

Here are a few examples of how industry experts are getting creative, according to a recent article in Sprayfoam Professional magazine:

Flooring Options 

One Florida-based company points out that flooring is an area with great opportunity. Big industrial warehouses, which see a lot of traffic, could potentially have a coating on concrete, as well as parking garages. Additionally, agricultural applications, like poultry houses, as well as dairy and other farm and ranch applications, require high performance and durability.

For example, one manufacturer’s foam is currently being used in chicken coops. While it’s traditionally used in the roofing business, this 10 pound foam prevents chickens from pecking through the surface.

A Nativity Scene? 

Another recent creative application can be seen in an Ohio-based church’s creation of a permanent, outside authentic nativity scene project. The project partners developed a design to accept the application of closed cell, spray applied foam to a formed, firm screen material, which created an “authentic look of a cave/rock formation.” A screen was attached to a wood-framed, arching structure, constructed in a “V” shape to create an inset to make it feel like you are walking into a shelter. SPF was used over the entire structure to provide the effect on the inside, as well as weatherproof over the outside wood framing.

For those involved in the project, some of the advantages recognized were that “the inherent attribute of SPF to conform to the substrate was huge.” Additionally, the church’s representatives said that because the project is located outdoors, “the weatherproof and durable materials will sustain for years.”

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