Flexible Options for Spray Foam Guns

spray foam gunContractors who need critical equipment for their projects involving sprayed applications often start by researching the options available for spray foam guns. They may be pleasantly surprised that there are many options of models from which they can choose. Many of the specific models are designed to be very versatile, adapting to flexible situations, which further broadens the possibilities for the results contractors can achieve with these tools.

Many newer model spray guns are conducive for applications involving a variety of sprayed materials including polyurethane foam and polyurea coatings.

Graco spray foam guns in particular seem designed with the contractor’s needs and challenges in mind. The latest models are intended to minimize downtime and make maintenance as hassle-free as possible. This improves efficiency and productivity while reducing waste.

Contractors can also choose the particular model that best meets their particular needs, and which would be ideal for the kinds of jobs they handle. There are options for every budget, and models that can adapt to all levels of demand and output. The Fusion AP gun, for example, offers innovative technology that has quickly made it a favorite among spray foam professionals.

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