FoamZall a Handy Foam Insulation Tool

FoamZall a Handy Foam Insulation ToolSpray foam is a great choice for insulation and weatherproofing. However, it can’t form an airtight and watertight barrier if it isn’t exactly the right size or doesn’t fit correctly. Sometimes foam insulation jobs require some sculpting in order to finesse the material so it is a perfect fit for the space where it needs to go.

If this situation occurs, the foam may need to be trimmed so that drywall can be attached to the wall studs.   This requires a specific tool, one that can cut through the material cleanly and provide a precise and accurate cut. Sure, there are hand saws that can do the same thing, but it is much slower and requires lots of muscle power.  Since time is money, contractors also need this tool to operate quickly and do the job right the first time.

The perfect choice for this job is the FoamZall. This tool comes with a standard Milwaukee SawZall, a very popular piece of equipment for a wide variety of construction and home renovation jobs. It has a 36-inch blade designed for trimming ½ pound and 2-pound foam.  The key to this equipment is a custom desgned fixture that allows the specialty spray foam blades to be mounted on the SawZall.  For ultimate convenience, the FoamZall is available in both a corded and cordless version.

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