Four Reasons to Consider Buying Used SPF Equipment

There is no question that buying Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation equipment is an enormous decision. But how do you know if you should buy used or new equipment for your SPF business?

There are some advantages and disadvantages to either choice, so it is best to research and analyze the pros and cons to determine which option is best for your SPF business’ current and future needs.

Four Reasons to Consider Buying Used SPF Equipment

Whether you are just getting your start in the spray foam space, or you have many years of experience in the industry, used equipment can be a great option for your job sites.

As you may know, demands can change quickly, especially the size of your job and crew. As such, having access to affordable, quality, equipment and supplies can make all the difference in your overall productivity and profit.

One of our competitors recently posted an online article stating that “buying used spray foam equipment is a mistake.” However, our team of experts at Intech Equipment and Supply tends to disagree.

Here are several reasons why you may want to think about investing in used spray foam equipment:

  1. When you buy used spray foam equipment from Intech, it has been completely refurbished and offers a warranty. Used equipment is often priced as much as 50 percent of the cost of equivalent new equipment.
  2. If used SPF equipment has not been refurbished, it is often deeply discounted to approximately five to 10 percent of its original cost.
  3. If you have excellent mechanical skills and experience with spray foam equipment repair and maintenance, then used equipment my be the best fit for you.
  4. If you do not need the equipment immediately, buying used can be the way to go, especially because you can methodically take the time to inspect it, and make any necessary repairs.

With Intech Equipment & Supply, our products are built on years of familiarity with required equipment maintenance. This knowledge helps us deliver everything from simple hand tools to sophisticated, complex machinery at a fraction of the “new” equipment price tag.

So, if you prefer to invest in used spray foam equipment, there are some questions you should ask any seller before signing on the dotted line:

  • How old is the spray foam equipment?
  • How has it held up?
  • When did the previous owner last use the equipment?
  • Are any repairs required upfront?
  • Has the equipment been appraised recently?

Of Course, You Can Still Buy New Spray Foam Equipment

New spray foam equipment, obviously has numerous advantages, too. For starters, you can custom-order certain pieces of equipment, including mobile spray rigs and various spray foam equipment packages, according to your specifications. New equipment, which never has signs of previous wear and tear, also tends to land on your doorstep in brand-new condition.

Another advantage to buying new spray foam equipment is that you have the choice of picking out the latest, state-of-the-art models available on the market.

Either Way, Choose the Best Option for Your Business

Depending on your situation, it may make more sense to purchase used spray foam equipment rather than new equipment.

If you decide to buy used equipment, we suggest planning on re-conditioning it just like an equipment supplier would do. If you buy from Intech, we take care of all of this conditioning.

For example, we tell contractors to take the time to take apart the mechanical elements of the proportioner and transfer pumps, replace seals, and any other parts that may be damaged or worn out. We also suggest assessing the electrical continuity, breakers, circuit boards, heating, and elements, as well as dismantling the spray guns and cleaning and replacing parts when necessary.

Either way, it is essential to be meticulous as you move through both the research and inspection process before making a purchase. At Intech Equipment and Supply, we always conduct stringent quality checks, a process we developed based on our many years of expertise and understanding of the spray foam space. We painstakingly examine every piece of used spray foam equipment to help you make the best choice.

Check Out Our Stock of Used and New Spray Foam Equipment Today!

Depending up what is available in our current stock, you can typically find quality new and used proportioners, mobile spray rigs, safety equipment, and much more.

Let our team help you identify your business’ current equipment needs, and match them with the right spray foam equipment. Contact us today for more information.