Fusion Gun a Valuable Tool for Contractors

graco fusion gunGraco Fusion guns are a valuable asset for contractors who perform jobs involving various types of sprayed application materials. These tools serve as an essential part of the operation for many of these professionals. A favorite pick among contractors, Fusion guns are commonly used for the application of spray foam insulation.

These guns have become a go-to choice for building professionals for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly is the reputation the company has for manufacturing durable, high-quality equipment that provides the reliable performance that contractors know they can trust.

Made with top-notch parts and careful construction, Fusion spray foam guns offer the assurance of consistent output with few breakdowns or interruptions. The fact that they need minimal required maintenance—which translates to less downtime—is also a big plus.

Graco is known for its innovative approach to creating products, so it is constantly developing updated products with new, improved features. An example is the introduction of ClearShot technology, which virtually eliminates drilling of the mix chambers and makes these guns a perfect choice for high-output projects.

Of course, Graco also has a large selection of other types of useful equipment that can offer many benefits for professionals in the spray foam application field. Check out the selection of Graco equipment and other spray foam supplies at Intech Equipment & Supply.