Gas Hydraulic Spray Equipment Options

Gas Hydraulic Spray Equipment OptionsContractors in the insulation, roofing or painting industries who are seeking a powerful machine that can serve as the workhorse of their operation may want to consider gas hydraulic spray equipment. This type of spray foam machine can offer all of the strength and power that hydraulic systems are known for, while also adding reliability and efficiency. If you need a spray foam machine that is dependable and will keep performing at a top level no matter what you throw at it, this might be the answer.

These are versatile, efficient machines designed to hold up to the rigorous conditions that are common at these types of job sites.

Graco is one of the top manufacturers of gas hydraulic airless spray foam machines. As with other type of spray equipment, there are a variety of product lines, each with options at varying performance levels and price points.

For example, Graco offers a selection of Big Rig models, which—as you can probably guess from the name—are designed for large jobs and the high pressure, maximum flow output they demand. Thanks to the exclusive QuikChange Lowers with which they come equipped as a standard feature, each Big Rig sprayer can easily be customized for each coating, eliminating the need to purchase additional rigs. Plus, the ES Models now feature a Honda engine with electric start and high capacity, 12 Volt 18 amp charging system

Here are a few specific models you may want to consider:

GH1017 Big Rig: a heavy-duty system with faster, more responsive changeover and high-precision pressure control. The cooling system with large 4-gallon reservoir and durable hydraulic filter extends life. This model also offers exclusive Xtreme™ Pump includes QuikChange pump section with long life XtremeSeal™ and leather packings. Its 390cc Honda motor delivers maximum performance.

GH130 Convertible: this is an excellent choice for contractors seeking maximum results from an affordable, entry-level machine. Don’t let the small footprint fool you—this compact machine packs a big punch. As with the other machines, this one offers a top-notch high efficiency hydraulic motor, a high-capacity cooling system, and Graco’s exclusive Endurance Pump. It is designed for use either indoors or outdoors, and you can quickly swap the gas engine for an electric motor without tools. The rugged, convenient cart design ensures you will always be able to easily move this machine around the job site and take it wherever it needs to go.

GH200 Convertible: this system is the ideal solution for medium to large jobs where proven hydraulic power is demanded to get the job done. You will appreciate the ability to change out the pump lower and convert to electric power without tools, which makes this machine one of the most versatile sprayers on the market today. It features 3300psi fluid pressure, 1.25 gallon hydraulic reservoir capacity and 1855psi maximum hydraulic pressure.

GH230 Convertible: another convertible model, this machine is a solution for the contractor seeking a workhorse performance system. It’s a perfect choice for large residential or commercial jobs, and offers all of the exclusive features you find as a standard option in Graco machines, including the high efficiency hydraulic motor, high-capacity cooling system and the endurance pump. And of course there is a reliable Honda motor.

GH5040 Big Rig: this is a big machine designed for big jobs. This hydraulic sprayer offers the ultimate combination of high pressure and maximum flow rate.

GH300: one of the most powerful hydraulic sprayers, this is a popular option for high production contractors who are spraying a wide range of materials including latex, elastomerics, and block fillers on large commercial jobs.

Of course, Graco also has a wide selection of other types of spray foam machines and spraying equipment. As a preferred Graco distributor, Intech Equipment & Supply can offer you the best selection of Graco products and any type of gas hydraulic spray equipment.

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