Get the Most Out of Used Spray Foam Rigs

Used Spray Foam RigFor many contractors in the insulation and roofing trades, spray foam has likely represented a growing segment of their business. This means they need efficient (yet also affordable) equipment to help them complete these jobs quickly. One of the most popular options is a mobile spray foam rig. This handy equipment serves as a portable all-in-one job site. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time.

For those businesses with a tight budget, opting for a used spray rig can be a smart move. There are additional steps you can take to ensure you get the most use out of this spray foam rig.

First, assess your current process and figure out your most pressing needs. What options would make your life much easier, and allow the workflow to proceed more efficiently? This will help you pinpoint the things you need most in a spray foam rig.

It’s also important to choose the right vendor for your spray rig purchase. You want to go with someone that offers a variety of spray rigs, so you have some options. They may even have the ability to customize the rig for you or add upgrades, so you get a rig that is perfectly tailored to meet your needs.

Intech Equipment & Supply is your best source for used spray foam rigs, and we can help you find one that is perfect for your business.