Get the Most Out of Your Spray Foam Gun With Regular Maintenance

spray foam equipmentThere are a few simple ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to follow when owning and using equipment – especially a spray foam gun – that can make your life so much easier simply by understanding and following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Here are some of the things you should do regularly with your spray foam gun to ensure it always performs efficiently and effectively:


  • Clean out the gun’s mixing chamber with the supplied pin vise and drill bit on a regular basis. Note: every 10-15 minutes is ideal.
  • Grease your gun after use at the end of each day.
  • Keep a couple cans of carburetor cleaner on hand to help knock wet chemical off of your spray foam gun’s internal parts, including screens and side seals.
  • Work to keep your spray foam gun aesthetically clean. Polish the exterior metal surfaces on a regular basis to prevent potential issues down the road.

Now, let’s focus on the list of things to avoid while owning a spray foam gun. These tips can  help keep your equipment performing at the highest level:


  • Do not soak any plastic or rubber parts of your gun in any kind of cleaner or solvent. And never soak the o-rings – it can cause stretching and wear down the o-ring, increasing cross-over related issues.
  • Avoid shoving the drill bit into the mix chamber. Remember, it’s a very fragile bit and if it breaks inside the mix chamber, the chance of retrieving it is very slim.
  • Never sand, heat or scrape the side seals, mixing chambers or other parts of your spray foam gun. Keep in mind that even the smallest imperfection can lead to an improper seal and create cross-overs.

Simply staying true to the above tips can make your life as contractor. Keeping your spray foam gun clean and maintained is a critical part of your equipment producing good yields and controlling the amount of potential issues you may have with the system.

The maintenance is not very difficult, nor is it time consuming, as long as it’s done properly and on a regular basis.

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