Graco E-20 Reactor a Great Entry-Level Option

The E-20 reactor is the perfect choice for contractors who are seeking an affordable and efficient machine. This reactor delivers the performance you need, at the price point your budget requires. Along with providing ultimate performance, this machine also offers maximum accuracy and control. It is perfect for warm weather spray foam applications, and has digital reporting systems that let you verify that the materials were applied accurately.

This machine relies on an electric motor that serves as the heart of the operation, and provides the power that will keep the operation running. The E-20 reactor is designed to deliver maximum efficiency, boosting productivity and keeping downtime to a minimum.

Like all of the many other Graco products, this reactor is built with the high level of quality you expect from the brand. Contractors will feel confident about relying on this equipment to perform at the level their jobs demand.

Building professionals who are seeking an entry-level workhorse machine would be smart to consider the Graco E-20 reactor, as it is one of the best picks for spray foam roofing and insulation projects. The benefits of this machine will quickly become evident, as it allows contractors to finish jobs more quickly while reducing downtime and material waste.

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