Graco Reactor E-8p Made for Insulation Jobs

Why Contractors Trust Graco Spray EquipmentWhen selecting any sort of construction or jobsite equipment, the ideal scenario is to choose machinery and materials that are designed specifically for the particular tasks or types of jobs you will be performing. This ensures that you will get items that are designed for maximum efficiency, and that will provide exactly the features and functions that you need most.

The Graco Reactor E-8p is a plural component sprayer that is custom designed for no-heat foam insulation. For the insulating contactor that already has spray foam rigs, the E-8p would be great addition to their fleet to spray small jobs, repairs, or for touch ups. The E-8p runs off of a dedicated 120 VAC 15 amp circuit. It fits easily into the bed of a pickup truck or small van. With the sprayer weighing in at 95lbs, it is easy to load and unload and with built in casters, moving around is a breeze.

For the contactor thinking about getting into spray foam, the E-8p is a great entry level machine that won’t break the bank.

For any type of Graco reactor or other spray foam equipment you may need, contact Intech Equipment & Supply.