Graco Unveils New Line of Hydraulic Spray Coating Equipment

Graco Reactor 2One of the leaders in the spray foam equipment manufacturing industry has just released a new line of products that will surely quickly become popular among professionals in the field.

Graco—a brand that many contractors and building professionals trust—has announced the launch of its Reactor 2 hydraulic series of sprayers.

The company said these machines were designed with the customer as the main priority. The features were all developed with the customer’s needs in mind. Some were even inspired by customer feedback and industry demand. Examples include the relocation of electronics for easier service, and an advanced hydraulic control module with a sacrificial surge protector for added protection.

The Reactor 2 series of plural component hydraulic sprayers combine the durability and rugged strength of the company’s hydraulic line with the benefits and perks of the Reactor 2 spray system. There are also the features and benefits you would expect from plural component machines.

High-tech additions to these reactors make for better efficiency and productivity. This series of sprayers provides software and hardware advancements that help contractors apply materials more accurately. That means less waste, and bigger profits.  It also means the job can keep running longer without interruptions caused when the crew runs out of materials. These machines also offer innovative data reporting technologies that help owners track and record jobsite activity and spraying parameters.

As an added bonus, Reactor 2 Elite model sprayers coms with an inlet pressure and temperature sensor (which syncs with the ADM and Graco InSite™ remote reporting system), Xtreme-Wrap™ Scuff Guard on heated hoses for Reactor 2 sprayer packages, and Graco InSite™ remote monitoring service free for six months. Graco InSite remote reporting technology is a very popular feature that enables spray foam business owners to see real-time jobsite data via their smart phone, tablet or computer.

For applying spray form roofing or insulation, or any sort of polyuera applications, these plural component systems can help you get the job done right, as quickly and efficiently as possible. This lets you serve customers in the best way, while also boosting productivity and helping you maximize profits.

Of course, like all Graco products, these hydraulic reactors offer the highest level of quality and durability that you would expect from the brand. For added peace of mind, the control modules are protected by a three-year extended warranty.

Graco supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids and coatings in both industrial and commercial applications. The company continuously strives to offer the most innovative products that meet the changing needs of spray foam contractors, roofing professionals and others whose work involve sprayed materials. Graco devotes significant time and resources into research and development, and welcomes feedback and suggestions from customers and professionals in the industry. As evidenced by the features offered in the Reactor 2 series, this input is often used in creating or refining new or existing products.

For those who want to consider other options, Graco also offers a nice selection of air and electric reactor machines. With such a diverse product line, contractors of any type are sure to be able to find something that offers the perfect solution for their needs. All of their product lines offer options at several levels to match the needs and budget of different types of businesses, from affordable entry-level options to machines designed for high-production operations.

We know how important choosing the right materials and equipment can be for the efficient operation of a successful spray foam or roofing business. A reactor, generator or any sort of sophisticated machinery plays a critical role in keeping your jobs moving, and allow your crew(s) to perform at their best.

That’s why we devote so much of our efforts to providing customers with the best possible selection of equipment from the most trusted brands. In addition, we strive to ensure that we offer you the best possible deal, and make customer service a priority. We know our customers are busy, and they often need their orders processed immediately. Urgent requests are common for us, so we have established a system to process transactions quickly and get delivers moving right away.

If you need Graco reactors or any type of spray foam equipment or roofing supplies, check out our selection at Intech Equipment & Supply. Keep in mind, we also offer a wide inventory of replacement parts and accessories to keep your equipment running well at maximum efficiency.