Graco’s Roof Sprayers and Other Popular Products

Graco E20 ReactorDid you know that Graco’s roof coating equipment is preferred by the vast majority of professional contractors working in the industry today?

Graco’s line of roof coating sprayers is designed to provide the coverage, flow rate and pressure needed for all of a contractors’ roof coating applications.

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we are thrilled that Graco is continually investing in new, innovative technology, and has the most powerful hydraulic sprayer in the industry. In addition, their family of roof coating equipment can be customized for each coating, eliminating having to purchase additional rigs, ultimately saving busy contractors money.

As one of the world’s top Graco distributors, we believe we are the best source around for Graco products. Here are some of our best sellers:

Fusion AP Gun

This air purge model is designed to handle high-output jobs. It is popular because it can operate for long stretches with little downtime. You can easily change the mix chambers (no tools needed) thanks to the quick-release fluid housing.

Graco Reactor 2E30

The ultimate goal of the new Graco Reactor 2 E30 for spray foam insulation is to improve the entire application process by providing the best equipment to prepare the materials the way they were originally intended to be used by Graco, in every step of the process. The Reactor 2 E30 makes spray foam insulation applications run smoother, with better results and improved product access and information that contributes to even less down time.

Graco Reactor E20 Reactor

Your one-stop solution, already bundled into one handy package. This group includes a Graco Reactor E-20 electric proportioner, plus everything you need to get this system running right out of the box. Includes a Graco Fusion AP gun, heated hose, transfer pump and many other components and can be run with a 50 amp single phase dryer plug.

We offer a full line of Graco spray foam equipment, including sprayers and spray foam guns, roof sprayers, as well as a wide selection of parts and accessories.