Green Energy Parties a New Trend

green energyWith so many people all across the country becoming increasingly interested in learning ways to make their homes more energy efficient, it may not be shocking to learn that this is a hot topic of conversation. However, you might be surprised to discover that in some areas, green building is actually now a theme for neighborhood get-togethers.

The events are called “green energy parties” or “energy audit parties.” One area where they are becoming more common is Madison, Wisconsin. Green Madison is a group that was formed to help encourage energy conservation and sustainable building practices in the region.

As part of their efforts to achieve these goals, the group has helped local residents to host green energy parties. The host—who receives a free home energy audit—invites friends and family to their home, where snacks and socializing are mixed with informative presentations on how property owners can make their homes more energy efficient.

Getting the entire neighborhood or community involved means that residents can assist and encourage each other in taking steps to cut energy consumption.

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