Guard Against Mother Nature with a Roof Sprayer

Weather-related damage to the roof is one of the most common unexpected costs for property owners. It is also the source of many homeowner insurance claims. These losses often involve not only the damage to the roof area itself, but also damage that can occur in the space underneath it, including the potential destruction of structural elements and personal belongings.

All sorts of weather conditions can cause damage to the roof and other parts of the property. This includes snow and ice during winter in colder regions, as well as rain and wind that accompanies hurricanes and other major storms in warmer areas. Hailstorms are another source of roof damage that many people don’t even think about—until one strikes their area.

However, properties in virtually any area can suffer damage from an unexpected or particularly strong weather event. Keep in mind, around 1,200 tornadoes occur in the United States each year, and they can happen just about anywhere.

Even a seemingly minor storm can result in a surprising amount of property damage. It can be difficult to accurately gauge the strength and severity of a storm when you are safely sheltered inside. A roof and rain combination can be especially troublesome because the wind will lift up the shingles and other roofing materials, and then rainfall will invade the exposed roof areas.

Water can get into the interior of the home after breeching the surface of the roof. This is especially likely in cases where the roof is already damaged or compromised, or where the roofing materials are old and worn. Unfortunately, most people do not realize their roof is in a vulnerable state until they discover this the costly way, after suffering a weather-related emergency in which the situation becomes impossible to ignore.

This is obviously a scenario you would want to do your best to avoid if at all possible. Not only is storm damage costly, it can also destroy belongings that are valuable and important you. Plus, it can just be a real inconvenience to have to deal with the hassle and work of getting this type of damage repaired.

For this reason, the best possible strategy is to take a proactive approach. It is to your benefit to do everything possible to establish a situation where your roof (and everything underneath it) is fully protected, and as well-guarded from the elements as it can be.

Even if your roof doesn’t seem to be significantly damaged or worn, it can still be worthwhile to take some steps to reinforce it, just to make sure it is as strong and durable as possible. One of the best options to help you achieve this goal is to use spray foam roofing materials. The ability of spray foam to reinforce the roof by creating a strong and seamless barrier that protects and strengthens the roof is hard to beat.

By establishing a continuous, durable membrane on the roof surface, spray foam eliminates the vulnerable entry points where water would commonly access the surfaces underneath. As an extra benefit, this also makes the property considerably more energy efficient, which can lead to a major reduction in utility bills.

Property owners are often pleasantly surprised and relieved to discover that repairing or reinforcing a roof using spray foam materials is easier than they may think. This process can be done quickly, and the spray foam can often be applied on top of an existing roof structure. These projects require specific necessary equipment, which includes a roof spray and other roofing supplies.

Roof sprayers and other types of roof coating equipment can allow contractors to complete these spray foam projects efficiently, allowing the business to boost their productivity.

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