Heater Control Upgrade Kit for Graco Reactors

Businesses that currently use Graco Reactor models that feature the old-style temperature control boards will want to take note of an upcoming development. These control boards are going to be removed from Graco’s active stock in the very near future. The replacement will be an upgrade kit, which can be installed by an authorized Graco distributor.

Intech Equipment & Supply currently has the heater control upgrade kits available for $1,920. It is recommended that you schedule your upgrade as soon as possible, as demand for these kits is likely to be strong. Completing this upgrade right away will help ensure that you avoid any inconvenient disruptions to your job site operations.

Contact our sales staff to find out if your model of Graco equipment is affected, and (if so) to schedule your upgrade.

Of course, Graco is one of the most trusted and dependable names in the spray foam equipment industry. Their reactors, spray guns and other machines are a top choice for contractors in the spray foam insulation and roofing industries. These professionals appreciate the care that this brand puts into developing high-quality equipment that is durable enough to stand up to even the most demanding conditions.

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