Here’s What You Should Have Inside Your Foam Insulation Rig

foam insulation rigsA foam insulation rig serves as a self-contained complete job site all in one convenient and portable unit.

Not only does a mobile spray rig contain all of the equipment a busy contractor needs to complete a job, but it also is in a setup that can be easily moved to another job location. Rigs also offer the benefit of providing an enclosed space within which everything can be stored securely and protected from the elements.

Learning how your spray foam rig operates can help you better understand the major components required within your spray foam rig, box truck or portable spray foam units.

In general, spray foam insulation rigs should contain the following equipment and materials:

  • Foam Rig Generators. The generator provides a 220V power supply to the spray foam machine and electric compressor. A 110V power supply is used to accommodate other areas, like lighting, heaters, power tools and additional outlets.
  • Foam Rig Compressors. A compressor is used to supply air to the transfer pumps, drum mixer and spray gun. Note: some drive systems used to operate the spray foam machine may require air.
  • Spray Foam Rig Air Dryers. Air dryers are used to filter out moisture contaminants from the compressor to the spray foam equipment, including transfer pumps, spray gun, air mixers, or if using an air-driven type spray foam machine.
  • Safety Supply & Mechanics Station. Most rigs include a safety supply station and spray mechanic’s work area that can be used to perform any necessary maintenance. The mechanic’s station provides space for tools, PPE, supplies, and manuals for all spray foam equipment, and keeps material safety data sheets organized.
  • Spray Foam Rig Drum Rack Station. A drum rack station is used to secure the 55-gallon drums safely during transport. The rack should be color-coded red on the driver’s side for the (A) component and blue on the passenger side of the spray rig to avoid accidental cross contamination of the product’s link to the spray foam machine.
  • Spray Foam Rig Drum Heaters. Drum heaters are used to keep products warm in cooler environments. They are also used to pre-warm chemicals to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Spray Foam Rig Transfer Pumps. These consist of an air-motor which moves a shaft fixed to pump packings that work with check-valves by displacing the materials to the spray foam machine. Transfer pump tube holders are used for transit, storage and changing out the drum in the spray trailer.
  • Spray Foam Machine. The spray foam machine is where the manufacturing of spray foam begins.
  • Heated Spray Hoses. These are designed to maintain the manufacturer’s pre-heated recommendations from the machine to the spray gun. Heated spray hoses are typically sold in 50ft sections. The end of the hoses has a 10ft heated whip hose used for flexibility for the spay applicator.
  • 2-Spray Foam Gun. This is the final destination as to how a spray foam rig works and the spray foam manufacturing process. The two (A) and (B) chemicals are blended inside of the spray gun through the internal mixing chamber. Mixing chambers are designed for optional output flows, allowing the user to choose the flow of material, as well as the production needed for the spray foam project.

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