Hold the Power of Graco’s Knowledge In the Palm of Your Hand

graco parts bookTechnology has gradually been edging its way into the professional contractor industry in recent years, with a lot of the emphasis shifting from traditional desktop software to cutting-edge mobile apps.

In fact, just recently, Graco Inc., the leading manufacturer of fluid handling equipment, added its own helpful app to the mix: the Graco Parts Book, now available for iPhones and iPads. Intech Equipment and Supply is recognized by Graco as a “Top 20 Graco HPCF North America Distributor.” Intech has been ranked in the Top 20 by Graco for North America in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Graco’s highly intuitive app allows busy contractors to search by product part number, view common repair parts, find recommended pump kits, as well as hard to find manuals. In addition, users can easily utilize other helpful features, including selecting a particular pump to view its parts or even browse all related sprayers. Furthermore, searches can be done by fluid pump part number or by using keywords.

To watch a demo of this handy new app, visit www.gracopartsbook.com.

At Intech Equipment, we offer contractors the Graco Reactor 2 Series, which provides a full line of equipment that combines the newest technology and user-friendly operation in a range of options to choose to best fit your regular applications. After rigorous testing and result measurement, the Reactor 2 line performed in 150 tests in Graco labs, including spraying over 30,000 gallons in three million cycles. Arguably one of the largest advancements in our industry, Graco has introduced a way to increase productivity and oversee results in real time.