How to Buy Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

shutterstock_224588773So, you have officially decided to launch a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation business or perhaps you want to add SPF services to your existing business.

While it is very exciting and may seem ideal to dive right into purchasing all of the equipment and tools for your new business venture, it is crucial to review and carefully consider the decisions you make about your investments now, as they will contribute to your future business success.

As noted in Spray Foam Magazine, you should first consider the overall type of services you plan to provide to your prospective customers before forging ahead on purchasing supplies and foam insulation equipment.

Experts quoted in the article suggest factoring in answers to the following questions to help you zoom in on your specific needs:

  • Do you build homes? If so, do you rely on regular power sources on your job sites?
  • Are you an SPF contractor who specializes in wall insulation? Do you ever spray roofs?
  • Do you provide services for customers who need SPF application for commercial and industrial roofs, air barrier systems, or larger jobs?

Answering these questions will help you determine the size and wattage of the compressor and generator that you need to purchase to get your daily jobs accomplished.

Graco’s Recommended Process to Determine the Right Generator Size

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we believe deciding what you do and how much power you need to accomplish it is one of the most important decisions in choosing commercial spray foam insulation equipment, including mobile foam insulation rigs.

For example, Graco suggests that SPF contractors consider the following process to determine the correct size generator:

  1. Start by listing system components that utilize peak load requirements (in watts);
  2. Add the required wattage;
  3. Figure out the answer to the following: Total watts x 1.25 = kVA (kilovolt-amperes); and,
  4. Finally, choose a generator size that is equivalent (or greater) than the kVA.

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

At Intech Equipment & Supply, our team of experts can help you determine everything you need to know before you buy commercial spray foam insulation equipment.

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