How to Buy Professional Spray Foam Materials

Graco spray rigsIt is no secret that Professional Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation equipment can be a significant investment.

But did you know that it can become downright astronomical if you do not purchase these essential pieces from a knowledgeable, reputable company?

Smart, dependable SPF equipment distributors not only provide you with quality spray foam equipment but also peace-of-mind, offering valuable information on cost-saving methods and equipment best practices.

These factors, along with unmatched customers service, can help you improve your total cost of ownership, and ultimately make a difference to your business’ bottom line.

Why Mention Total Cost of Ownership?

When it comes to professional spray foam supplies and materials, the total cost of ownership may not always be the first thing to come to mind, we believe it should be.

Did you know that the actual price of SPF equipment does not stop after you pay for a piece of machinery, such as a mobile spray rig?

Numerous factors continue to affect how much SPF equipment “costs,” including the required professional spray foam supplies and materials, as well as operation, maintenance, and repair costs.

The total cost of ownership matters a lot because buying professional spray foam supplies and materials is a considerable investment. In fact, it is more than likely the most substantial capital outlay for your SPF business.

Simply put: you can view total cost of ownership as a calculation that takes into account a piece of SPF equipment’s original purchase price, depreciation, insurance, maintenance costs, interest, and so on.

It is only when you consider all of the above factors that you can truly understand how much your SPF equipment really “costs.”

Buyers Beware

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we believe it is our responsibility to emphasize the total cost of ownership concept to our existing and prospective customers. We continually stress that the lowest purchase price is not necessarily the best.

For example, many SPF companies may happily sell you a spray foam rig, yet, later on, you discover that you can only purchase your spray foam materials from that company and that company alone. This business model is similar to the printer and toner scams on the market you may have noticed in recent years.

This very affordable equipment may seem “less expensive” initially, and the distributor may be able to sell you a rig below cost. But, later on, when you need materials, they may try to then make up the revenue on the spray foam supplies you can only obtain via their company.

The issue in this scenario is that some distributors may not be selling the best quality or best-priced materials, yet the novice contractor may not be aware of this type of “scam.” Unfortunately, after investing in the “cheaper” spray foam rig, they are then locked in and required to pay more for materials.

There Is a Bright Side

At Intech Equipment & Supply, we sell spray foam equipment, but we do not sell materials.

When you purchase a rig, spray foam gun or any other SPF-related equipment from our company, it means that you are free to buy your professional spray foam equipment and materials from anyone, plain and simple. With this approach, we strive to lower your equipment’s total cost of ownership helping to ensure that your profit stays high.

Top-notch customer service is not rocket science, but it does require constant ongoing communication and commitment. Our company’s goal is to build the customer relationship by encouraging SPF contractors to purchase spray foam equipment through our company.

Then, should any issues arise, you know can count on our easily accessible, experienced, skilled technicians to diagnose over the phone, provide support via phone or in-person, and, most importantly, build a long-term relationship for life.

The payoff, keeping our customers for life, is priceless for everyone involved.

For more information about purchasing professional spray foam supplies and materials, contact one of our team members today!