How to Care for Your Foam Spray Gun

PMC AP-2 Spray GunWhile Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) has an array of commercial and residential applications, the SPF equipment itself is particularly delicate and requires frequent attention and care.

It is essential to maintain your foam spray guns to ensure their longevity, as well as the overall quality of your jobs.

Follow These Tips to Maintain Your Foam Spray Gun Properly 

To prevent equipment leaks or clogs, Intech Equipment & Supply’s team of experts suggests the following “To Do” tips when it comes to properly maintaining your foam spray gun:

  • Keep your foam spray gun Use WD-40 to remove some of the chemicals that are still in a fluid state. There are also other solvents available to melt any cured material. Also, clean the main port of your mix chamber if your spray pattern starts to fluctuate.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s start-up directions to check your gun before hooking up your fluid lines.
  • Remember to clean out your foam spray gun at the end of each day with a system flush product.
  • Follow your foam spray gun manufacturer’s directions on how to properly shut down at the end of the day. Inject grease to form a seal around the gun’s chamber.

The Bottom Line

These steps, along with others, can help ensure the durability and longevity of your spray gun, as well as the overall quality of your completed SPF jobs.

If any of your SPF equipment breaks down, Intech Equipment & Supply’s online store offers a broad range of parts and accessories to help you clean and maintain your SPF tools.

Check out our online store for all of your foam spray gun and SPF equipment needs today.