How to Choose Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Equipment

5If your answer is “yes,” our team of experts at Intech Equipment and Supply recommends that you pay very close attention to your initial, upfront investments, including any commercial spray foam insulation equipment.

Getting Started On Your SPF Journey

Selecting the necessary commercial spray foam insulation equipment for your new business, especially one that includes SPF insulation, can make a big difference.

In addition to picking the right spray foam proportioner, you must also select a quality generator, air compressor system, among many other essential tools.

We like to encourage customers to figure out what they will be spraying first before making any major purchases. By making this determination up front, you can better figure out the proper sizing of the generator, the air compressor, and the spray foam rig you will need.

Customizing Your Mobile Spray Foam Rig

The style and size of your mobile spray foam rig matters. Before making a selection, be sure you think about whether you prefer a box truck, gooseneck, or tag-along trailer. Or, perhaps you would like something that is completely customized and unique.

If you are new to the commercial spray foam insulation industry, consider the specific nature of your SPF business in relation to the potential rig size.

For instance, virtually any truck can tow box trailers. Alternatively, gooseneck rigs commonly require a fifth wheel and special driver’s licenses. Furthermore, box trailers are incredibly easy to move and navigate. But, if the bulk of your work will focus mainly on larger-scale projects, it is essential to realize that goosenecks have the added advantage of extra cargo space.

Door configuration is another aspect to think about when rig shopping. Do you want your rig doors to be barn-style, or would you prefer ramps for entering and exiting? Ramp-style doors allow you to roll your drums and transfer them into your rig easily. On the other hand, some customers report back to us that they prefer barn-style doors as they can fit in tight spots, are easy to load with a forklift, and are less stressful to deal with in inclement weather.

Take a Peek Inside

So, how do you determine the interior design of your spray foam rig?

In most cases, a mobile rig includes a sectioned-off work area with a toolbox; a zone for the machinery, such as pumps, your compressor, and generator; and, finally, a material storage area.

A recent Spray Foam Magazine article highlighted the type of commercial spray foam insulation equipment that today’s busy contractors should have on hand.

Here’s the list of some of the recommended tools newcomers should have in their toolbox:

  1. Power washers. Commonly used in many SPF roofing applications. Many contractors find that high-pressure water flow against the substrate can offer an ideal solution to clear the roof of any lingering debris.
  2. Plastic sheeting and tape. To prevent overspray, some SPF workers drape plastic sheeting over areas that need more protection.
  3. Industrial fans. Ventilation is vital with interior SPF applications. As such, many contractors use industrial fans before spraying even starts to make sure they draw away any dust and vapors from the work area.
  4. Backpack blowers/brooms. The cleaner the surface, the smoother the SPF application. Backpack blowers and brooms are essential, especially for SPF roofing jobs.
  5. Moisture strips. Whether it is for roofing or an insulation job, a substrate should always be free of moisture. Many contractors utilize moisture strips to identify whether the substrate has any moisture content. If there is moisture, you need to remove it manually before the job is started to be completely effective.

A Personalized Solution for Your Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Equipment Needs

 Building the right foam insulation rig for your new SPF company’s needs takes time and careful planning. You can tweak Certain aspects as you grow, however taking the time to plan now can help save you time and money down the road.

With an intimate knowledge of commercial spray foam insulation equipment and applications, Intech Equipment and Supply’s foam insulation equipment packages boost productivity, maximize yields, and decrease costs.

Our team of experts can help you determine everything you need before you buy commercial spray foam insulation equipment. Contact Intech today.