How to Choose Graco Spray Tips & Guards

graco tips and guardsSpray tips and guards are two important components of your spray foam gun. The tip attaches to the end of the sprayer and smoothly applies its atomized contents onto a surface. Meanwhile, guards protect the tip from damage while the sprayer is not in use.
At Intech, we carry a wide assortment of Graco spray tips and guards that are compatible with different Graco sprayers. To choose the correct part, consult our comprehensive exploded diagrams or speak with our friendly staff.

Types of Graco Tips & Guards

Spray tips allow you to apply different types of materials in a more precise manner compared to using a tipless gun. Whether you need a spray tip or not depends on the kind of gun you are using and your application needs.
For example, most of the fluid and air purge guns don’t need a tip because they have a round pattern mix chamber, which applies sprayfoam uniformly but not smoothly. However, if the project calls for a smooth finish and fine-tuned results, you should get a sprayer with a tip.
When you start shopping for tips, you’ll find flat and round tips and their corresponding guards.

  • Flat Tips – These are a contractor’s go-to tip for applying polyurea and producing a uniform film build. Operators use flat tips when they want better mixing results and a smoother finish compared to round tips.
  • Round Tips – This is the foam contractor’s first choice. While round tips don’t give as smooth of a finish or uniform film build as flat tips, they reduce the risk of constant plugging when using foam.
  • Guards – Graco has manufactured many guards that securely fasten to any of their tips. Before you buy one, check which tip model the guard is compatible with in the product details.

How to Shop for Graco Tips

Graco has an extensive collection of sprayers, tips, and guards. Whether you need to simply replace a tip or purchase new equipment, it can be difficult to know where to start. However, no matter what you’re shopping for, you want to buy the part you need and get it right the first time. At Intech, we have experts who can assist you in finding the right parts.
As you browse our selection of tips, it will be helpful to keep these things in mind:

  • Your gun’s model
  • The desired pattern sizes
  • If you need a flat or round tip

By knowing what you’re looking for, it will be easier to find the right product for your contracting needs.
The Model
By consulting our exploded diagrams or speaking with our sales staff, you can find the right tip to match your gun. For example, the Fusion CS can use the FT0438 flat Graco spray tip. When you find your gun’s model and open its corresponding diagram, you’ll see all its parts laid out for you. Then, you can click on any of the parts and be directed to its listing in our online store.
Check out the Graco Fusion AP’s exploded diagram to see an example of the information we provide for each gun type. As you scroll down the diagram, you’ll see a chart of different tips that work for this model.
The Size
Different guns also require different sized tips. Both round and flat tips have different pattern sizes that determine the flow. For example, the Graco Fusion AP can use the FT0424 flat spray tip for a low-flow application or the FT0848 for high-flow jobs. Overall, smaller patterns produce a thinner film and more precise results but take more time to finish the project.
Flat or Round
The type of material you’re working with can determine whether you need a flat or round tip. Generally, flat tips apply polyurea accurately and in thin layers while round tips don’t clog as much when you’re using foam.

Let Intech Help You Get the Right Tips & Guards

At Intech, you’re free to buy the specific parts you need without having to buy entire kits or spray foam rigs. We also have strategic locations throughout the country which enables us to ship you our quality equipment quickly. Let our outstanding customer care staff help you find the right parts for your spray foam equipment, so you spend less time shopping and more time getting the job done.
To find out more about the best Graco spray gun tips and guards, contact us at Intech Equipment & Supply.