How to Consider the Total Cost of Ownership on Spray Foam Equipment

spray polyurethane form insulationBased on Intech Equipment and Supply’s recent eBook, “How to Consider the Total Cost of Ownership on Spray Foam Equipment,” this article highlights the importance of looking past the actual price tag on SPF equipment, but also considering the value of unparalleled customer service. Additionally, it addresses why today’s SPF professionals should make an effort to understand the full impact and far reach that a nationwide provider can have on their business throughout the purchase process and well beyond.

When you are a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation business owner, there are many factors that come into play when you decide how to fulfill your equipment needs.

Options include buying new or used equipment, renting and leasing renting. This is not to mention the various options you have when it comes to model and brand. Leasing and rental often comes with a rent- or lease-to-own option; new or used equipment is commonly financed.

However, it’s important to realize that the actual price of SPF equipment does not stop just because you pay for a piece of machinery or supplies. In fact, numerous factors continue to impact how much SPF equipment “costs,” including the SPF itself, as well as operation, maintenance and repair costs.

This is where the total cost of ownership comes into play.

What Does Total Cost of Ownership Mean?

Simply defined, total cost of ownership is a calculation that takes into account a piece of equipment’s purchase price, maintenance costs, depreciation, insurance, interest and more. It is only when all of the above factors are considered that you can truly understand how much SPF equipment really “costs.”

With this in mind, it is important to realize smart SPF equipment distributors today not only provide quality equipment, but also valuable information on equipment best practices and cost-saving operation methods, as well as unparalleled customer service.

These factors can help you not only improve your total cost of ownership, but also can ultimately make a difference to your SPF company’s bottom line.

Why Total Cost of Ownership Matters

Total cost of ownership matters because buying SPF equipment is a pretty big investment, easily the largest capital outlay for the business.

One immediate implication is that the lowest purchase price isn’t necessarily the best.

While it makes a difference if all other factors are considered equal – for instance, Machine A is a better choice than Machine B if Machine A has a lower sticker price and the two machines are otherwise the same – total cost of ownership comes into play because equipment, and more importantly, customer support is not all the same.

When Top-Notch Customer Support Trumps Everything

While many SPF equipment distributors and manufacturers often claim they have the lowest price, it’s important to understand the phenomenon surrounding total cost of ownership.

More specifically, it means the 24/7, nationwide customer service you receive on the backend. Let’s say you’re a brand-new spray insulation contractor and you have your first, official big job. But what do you do when things go bad?

Perhaps you purchased your equipment cheap from a big online distributor, but now you can’t get them on the phone to help you with trouble-shooting or repairs. As a result, you are holding up the project’s builders and other contractors because you can’t get the job done without repair work. In the end, the entire project ends up costing you more than initially projected.

However, when making purchases through a nationwide distributor that offers highly skilled customer service representatives, SPF businesses are typically back to work the very next day, even when issues arise, instead of wondering what is going to happen next – and more importantly, when.

The Value is Priceless

For many of our competitors, the idea of good customer service is simply delivering SPF insulation equipment in a box truck. However, at Intech, we strongly believe there’s a lot more to the process. We make it a point to support our customers before they even make their very first purchase.

At Intech, our key differentiator is that we offer both expert knowledge and manufacturer support to assist SPF professionals throughout the entire purchase process and beyond.

Some Final Thoughts

We strongly believe that exceptional customer service is not necessarily rocket science, but it definitely requires constant, ongoing communication and commitment.

The goal is to build the customer relationship by encouraging SPF contractors to purchase their equipment and supplies through a knowledgeable, reputable company. Then, should any issues arise, they know they can count on our easy-to-access, highly-knowledgeable technicians to diagnose over the phone, provide support either via phone or in-person, and, most importantly, build a long-term relationship for life.

We believe the payoff—keeping customers for life—is priceless for everyone involved.