How to Get the Most Out Of Your Spray Foam Rig


Are you a Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation contractor? If so, you will want to get the most from your spray foam rig.

Maintaining your rig may seem like a straightforward task. But doing so can, at times, be overwhelming. While not the most glamorous task in the world, maintenance is a necessity to extending the life of your rig. Intech Equipment & Supply believes that you should take care of each component of your spray foam equipment.

Below, our team of experts has compiled several tips to help you maintain your mobile spray rig.

Keep Everything Clean

Taking your time to clean crucial areas of your spray foam insulation rig can further your goal of keeping your investment in top shape. We suggest addressing possible concerns at least once a year or as issues arise.

Pay Close Attention To the Nozzle After Each Use

Your foam insulation equipment’s nozzle is a primary component that can unexpectedly stop working. In some cases, even during regular usage, tiny fragments of spray foam material can get lodged around the tip of the nozzle and eventually lead to a clog.

One easy way to prevent this issue is to clean the nozzle immediately after each use. To clean the nozzle properly, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for taking apart the sprayer, especially because each piece of equipment may slightly differ.

Once you remove these parts, take care to clean them thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. Next, soak the various pieces in a cleaning solution, which can help dissolve any remaining SPF residue. If you skip this step, you risk ending up with sticky areas on your nozzle, which can ultimately lead to unwanted build up.

Service Your Equipment’s Motor Regularly

SPF equipment requires the use of a powerful motor. It is easy for some contractors to ignore the service needs of their equipment when they are scrambling from one job to the next.

However, failing to maintain the motor can lead to much bigger issues, such as a decrease in your rig’s nozzle pressure to the point where your entire system may need to shut down.

By taking the time to have your motor serviced once a year, you can mitigate and help prevent these issues. The highly-skilled technicians that conduct this work inspect the various internal components of your motor meticulously. If they find problems, including excess wear and tear or warping, seasoned technicians can address them before you experience any real issues on a job site.

Here are a few additional daily tips to help you take care of your SPF:

  • Prep and warm up your generator. Your spray foam rig’s generator requires sufficient coolant and oil before use. Check the levels each day and top off when needed. Also, before you start applying any SPF insulation to your project, always give your generator a few minutes to warm up so you can easily handle the foam load when you begin spraying.
  • Prep your compressor. Condensation will likely build up on your rig’s compressor overnight, so it is important to drain the reservoir first thing, each day. Also, we suggest draining the filter bowls and topping off the oil and fuel levels.
  • Clean your rig. At the end of every workday, take time to clean and sweep out your trailer and ensure there are no spills.
  • Cycle the transfer pumps. It is crucial that the desiccant dryers are in good condition. Look for spent desiccant and replace when necessary. You can also open the valves on the transfer pumps so that they can cycle any remaining material.
  • Test your spray foam gun. Every day, it is important to check the function of the safety switch on your spray gun. Also, engage the gun’s fluid stop valves and look for misting. If fluid comes out of the gun nozzle when you engage the stop valves, it may mean you need to have your gun fixed before you can use it again.
  • Care for your equipment’s hoses. It is common for temperatures to drop overnight, regardless of your location. If you leave hoses outside overnight in cooler temperatures, you risk causing the chemicals to freeze inside of the hose, which can lead to losing valuable working hours the next day. Always clean and wrap hoses at the end of each day, storing them in a heated rig.

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