How to Shop for the Best Used Spray Foam Equipment

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Purchasing used spray foam equipment is a great option for anyone in the market for a way to invest in their spray foam insulation business. Whether you just want to try a new piece of equipment, need to replace old SPF equipment, or are considering breaking into the business as a new venture, purchasing used spray foam equipment is a smart choice for your Spray Polyurethane Foam business. In fact, trusted resellers like Intech Equipment & Supply believe in their used or refurbished products so completely that they provide a robust warranty.

How to Choose the Best Used Spray Foam Equipment?

While it is easy to list the many benefits of purchasing used spray foam equipment, a little guidance is helpful when selecting the best used sprayfoam equipment for your business. In addition, there are special considerations that should be considered when selecting the best used spray foam equipment in each category of equipment.

Spray Foam Machines

A spray foam machine is also sometimes referred to as a proportioner. This is because a spray foam machine uses its sophisticated mixing and dispensing system to dispense two separate fast acting chemicals in the correct ratio to achieve the perfect application of spray foam.

When choosing the best used spray foam equipment, it is important to consider what pump drive system is used on the spray foam machine that is being considered for purchase. For example, there are three different kinds of pump drive systems including

  • air powered which require less electrical power and tend to be more affordable
  • electric powered which require more power but can handle a higher output
  • hydraulic powered spray foam machines which can deliver consistent performance on very high-demand jobs

A few other things to consider when purchasing a used spray foam machine include the mixed spray material output, the machine’s pressure rating, heating capacity, as well as the machine’s electrical system capabilities.

Spray Foam Guns

The usefulness and value of a quality used spray foam gun cannot be overstated. As the last step in the process before the spray foam adheres to the prepared surface, the spray foam gun is what defines the quality of a spray foam mixture and spray pattern.

Shopping for a used spray foam gun is a smart idea. However, when selecting the best used sprayfoam equipment, it is important to choose the correct type of spray foam gun. One of the biggest considerations is the method by which a spray foam gun “purges” or clears out its mixing chambers.

  • Air purge guns use a blast of air to clear out their chambers of spray foam debris and are popular in the industry because they have a simple design which makes them easy to maintain.
  • Solvent purge guns are another kind of spray foam gun. These guns use a blast of solvent to clear build up from the mixing chamber which allows for less downtime, a cleaner spray, and easier switches between small and large spray patterns.
  • Mechanical purge guns also have great benefits because of their rugged design. These guns offer the widest range of flow rates among all of the guns in the industry and use a steel rod to push out build-up material to keep the mixing chambers clean.

Generators and Air Compressors

These machines are the backbone of many spray foam operations because they provide the power necessary for the other machines and devices at the job site to work. For example, a generator can provide electricity at sites where electricity may not be available. In addition, a compressor provides the air pressure that is needed to operate the spray foam machine and gun.


It is important to keep in mind that your generator must be able to provide the power output necessary to run your spray foam machine or you may be wasting your dollars. Another very important consideration when choosing the best used spray foam equipment is the type of fuel you will use to power your generator. Consider the type of fuel that is most cost effective in your area as well as how much fuel you will need to complete a job.

Air Compressors

When it comes to air compressors, the size matters. Many spray foam machines are pneumatically driven which means that a much larger air compressor will be needed to keep the spray foam equipment completely running. Be sure to account for the entire system, not just the SPF machine as additional pneumatic components can increase the size of generator needed.

Spray Foam Hoses

Although these components are sometimes overlooked, heated hoses play an important role in a spray foam equipment setup. Heated spray foam hoses are important because they help maintain a proper temperature as the spray foam substances are transferred from the machine to the gun. If a proper temperature is not maintained, it could affect the quality of the spray the exits the gun.

When selecting the best used spray foam equipment hoses, it is important to consider the length of the heated hose. Be sure to research the maximum hose length allowed by your spray foam machine. If the maximum hose length is exceeded, then the substances in the hose could become inadequately heated as they travel between mechanisms and the spray product could be negatively affected.

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