How to Shop for the Best Used Spray Foam Rigs

how to shop for the best used equipmentThere are many different factors to consider when you are purchasing a used spray foam rig for your business. Some considerations include the rig size, power and size of the equipment inside of the rig, how the rig is transported or stored, and more. In addition, it is important to consider which of these are your priority. In other words, are you more interested in purchasing a rig that is focused on equipment, performance, functionality, or a balance of all three?

Types of Used Spray Foam Rigs

Choosing the Best Transportation Style

There are different styles of spray foam rigs to choose from when selecting the best rig for your needs and they are separated out into the method in which they are transported. In fact, there are three main styles of rigs which include towable, box rigs, and compact. Each of these transportation styles has its own advantages that should be carefully evaluated before a purchase is made.


A towable rig is a trailer style box that uses either a bumper pull or gooseneck pull method to attach to a truck. Towable used spray foam rigs come in a wide variety of sizes to suit almost any business need.

The versatility of a towable rig is a great advantage of this used spray foam rig. In addition, when you purchase a towable rig, you just pay for the equipment and the rig itself, unlike a box rig where there is may be additional cost in the attached truck.


A box truck spray foam rig is great option if you are looking for the convenience of an integrated used spray foam rig. Box rigs are “self-propelled” units that are attached to a truck and do not require a bumper or gooseneck pull. These box spray foam rigs offer convenience and functionality because they do not need to be reconnected to the truck each time. In addition, box spray foam rigs are the most “transportable” of the spray foam rigs types because they have their own truck attached.


A compact spray foam rig offers much of the functionality of a larger rig with a much smaller footprint. These compact spray foam rigs often feature combination configurations of major components that are typically found on conventional spray foam rigs. For example, the proportioner, generator, and air compressor might be combined into a single unit which allows for a more compact rig configuration. Compact rigs are rising in popularity because of the functionality of their size.

Choosing the Rig with the Best Power Source

There are several different power sources to choose from when selecting the best used sprayfoam rigs. The best power source for your business will depend on your business needs.

Diesel Power

Diesel powered spray foam rigs are desirable because they offer reliable and long-term power that is dependable. However, diesel power units often require larger spray foam rigs so that is something to consider when purchasing a used rig. Using a long-lasting diesel engine is a great way to assure you will have dependable power no matter where your job site is located or the resources that you have available.

Shore Power

Rigs that use shore power are desirable because they require the least amount of space which allows for the rigs to be smaller and more portable. The reason shore powered rigs are smaller is because they do not require large power units because they are powered by a heavy-duty electrical cable that is connected to a job site power source. Consider this power source if you can be sure that a power source is readily available where ever you plan to do your work.

Gas Power

Some rigs that use smaller systems that require less power can be powered with a gasoline engine rather than a diesel engine. While gas powered rigs require more floor space than shore powered rigs, they are a better option for contractors who don’t need a full diesel unit. Gas powered rigs are a great median option for contractors who need more flexibility than a shore powered unit can provide, and don’t need a large diesel-powered rig.

A Trusted Seller Can Help You Make the Right Choice

Are you a contractor who focuses on large commercial jobs? Or are you a residential contractor with need for a smaller footprint?

Intech specializes in custom spray foam rigs built from used parts and equipment and designed to meet your needs.

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